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2013~2017 will be the golden period for LED illumination

Time: 2013-5-15  Hits: 1548  Origin:  
Jamie Fox, market analyst of IMS Research said in the International LED Expo of England that the market value of high brightness LED lamps that suitable for general illumination will reach its peak in 2017 and than begin its decrease because of the decrease of technology costs. The "golden time" for LED spotlights suppliers and other LED illumination supplier will be 2013 to 2017.
He also said that during this period LED permeability is expected to reach 10% in 2014 and 25% in 2017. Even though this cost will decrease sharply in the near 5 years, it will affect the increase of LED chip market value in general illumination after 2017.
However, after 2018 when the market will reach its saturation, LED price decreases and a long life span thank to the technology development, LEDs on general illumination market will shrink.
LEDs on other illumination market will also see a substantial increase-from 85 billion US $ now to 120 billion US $ in 2017. As costs decrease and the market reach to it peak, the market scale will shrink to 105 billion US $ after 10 years.

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